vendredi 26 février 2010

Tilburg (Holland) - 'Belgian' prisoners threaten to revolt

TILBURG - The Belgian State is actually renting a prison in Tilburg (Holland) because of the lack of space in Belgian prisons. There are now about 420 'Belgian' prisoners locked up in Tilburg, which is ruled according to Belgian law but with Dutch guards.

The prisoners sent several letters and explained in telephone calls that they were forced to go to Tilburg, and that is was not 'voluntarily' as belgian Justice claimed. The prison regime is too strict and visits are almost impossible because of the distances and the fact that visitors have to make reservations on beforehand.

The prisoners threaten with hunger strikes, riots, escapes and taking hostage of the Dutch guards. The unions of the prison guards confirm the danger and explain that already some Dutch guards have been attacked and that insults are daily. Belgian Justice pretends that it is nothing serious but just an "children's disease"


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