samedi 14 avril 2012

Arlon - Two prisoners escape after hostage-taking

ARLON - Only a few days after the hostage taking of guards in the prison of Andenne, two prisoners managed to escape from the prison of Arlon. At the end of the walk, they pulled self-made knifes and razor blades, threating two guards and forcing the others to open all gates. The two guards got slightly injured.

The two prisoners escaped. Police put on a big operation to retrieve them and calls up on car drivers to not take persons who are hitchhiking.

One of the prisoners already espaced once less then a year ago, from the prison of Nivelles, also with hostage-taking of a prison ward. He is in jail for a long series of armed robberies against shops, banks, restaurants,...

The guards of Arlon went on strike, just as their collegues of Andenne did after the hostage taking a few days ago (they are still on strike, police took over control of the prison. By the way, a person of the Civil Protection was attacked by a prisoner of Andenne during the strike). In "solidarity", guards of Ittre, Nivelles, Saint-Hubert and Jamioulx are now on strike. Also in the northern part of Belgium, guards are reading themselves to strike for more security.


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