mercredi 23 février 2011

Steenokkerzeel - Demo, escape, uprising and fire destroy detention centre

STEENOKKERZEEL - After a week of information coming about about the terrible conditions in the detention centre for immigrants in Steenokkerzeel, a failed escape, several prisoners being beaten by guards and a collective hungerstrike, about 40 people made a demo in front of the centre. During this demo, prisoners started to break the windows, put fire to cells and get out on the roof. A lot of police reinforcements started to arrive, and in the general chaos, one prisoner managed to escape.

Later on the evening, with the demonstrators returned home, riots sparked of again in the centre. During the evening, two of the three wings of the centre were destroyed by the rioters, with breaking, elektrical circuits sabotaged and fire. The two wings were completely evacuated and prisoners were transferred to the other detention centres in Vottem, Merksplas and Brugge.

It is the second time in a few years (2008) that an uprising in Steenokkerzeel manages to destroy big part of this prison.

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