samedi 12 mars 2011

GHENT - Fascist and antifascist demo // Unemployment office smashed

GHENT - The whole city centre was besieged by hundreds of riot cops to keep two demonstrations separated. On the one side, 300 fascists of a nationalist student organisation; on the other, 750 antifascists. Apart of some "small incidents", the demonstrations were calm. Police is satisfied, but didn't give anymore information about the small incidents.

At the starting of both demo's, in another part of the city, several masked persons broke the windows of the central office of the VDAB (the institution hunting and harassing unemployed).

Paint bombs were thrown on the fascist during their march. After the demo, several fascists were agressed, and again paint bombs were thrown against the bar where they were staying.

Later on in the evening, a telephone pole of the police station in Ghent and several police cars were smashed.


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