mercredi 2 mars 2011

Merksplas - Small riots and arson in another detention centre

MERKSPLAS - After the uprising and arson in the detention centre for immigrants of Steenokkerzeel on Sunday, prisoners of this centre were transferred to the detention centre of Merksplas. They were separated from the other prisoners, but their revolt seems to have inspired the troubles on Monday in Merksplas.

The director Lucie Thuwis of the centre of Merksplas "Guards got to know that prisoners would put fire to the centre and destroy it. In the afternoon, some prisoners put fire to garbage bins and sofa's, but the fire was fast put out. Police had to intervene two times to restore order in the centre. 17 people have been placed in the disciplinary unit, which is quite a lot."

A month ago, a gathering in front of the centre of Merkplas gave, according to the guards, way to troubles inside of the centre.


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