dimanche 28 octobre 2012

Charleroi – Torturer prison guards on trial, tension rises

Three prison guards of Jamioulx prison were led in front of the judge, under high security. In August 2009, 13 guards intervened while bringing Mikail Tekin to the isolation cell. He was beaten and choked to death. The day after the murder, several demos took place in the centre of Jamioulx (blocking intersections, a banner referred to the torture in Turkish prisons "Jamioulx=Midnight Express") and in front of the prison. Friends of Mikail went to the prison with kalashnikovs to demand that the guards come out of the prison, which they didn't for a long time. Now they were the ones locked up, out of fear. Today, three years later, people still didn't forget...
Joël, Stéphane et Joseph, three guards, were led under police protection to the court room of Charleroi. Friends of Mikail (31 years old) put a price on their heads. Their looks during the trial made this clear again. Mikail had rebelled against going to the isolation cell. Three guards strangled him to death, and broke his larynx. During the trial, a doctor explained scientifically how to exactly kill a prisoner. The guards say they only applied techniques which they were thaught.

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