dimanche 28 octobre 2012

Genk – Blocade of Ford factory threatens other factories

[insult against Odell, CEO Ford]
In Ford Genk, where almost 5000 workers were fired, the workers block the factory gates to impeach important pieces to leave the factory and through this block the circuit to the other factories. There are still 10.000 cars in the factory and a lot of detached pieces. A few cars were left out to be burned. The union already sent a few workers home to calm down because they were "too heated" and orientates the discourse towards receiving big golden handshakes through negociations.
An English lorry driver from Dagenham wanted to enter the site to (de)charge, but couldn't pass the gates. The workers refuse to let the pieces leave towards the factories of Saarlouis (Germany) and Valence (Spain). These factories now risk to be put to a stop. Trains with finished cars were blocked, the locomotive were put out of order.
In Lommel, the workers from the test course of Ford (only one in Europe) went on a 24 hour strike in solidarity, even though this one will not be closed. The access gates are blocked and a test for the new Mondeo could not take place. In this factory, the workers had accepted, end 2010, to earn 12% less in exchange for investment in Genk.

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