vendredi 26 novembre 2010

Tilburg – Riots in prison

Since February 2010, 500 Belgian prisoners are locked up in the prison of Tilburg, in Holland. Minister of Justice De Clerck decided to send 150 prisoners more. It are real deportations, most of them don't want to be transferred there. A prisoner declared on the radio Omroep Brabant that, when the extra transfer will happen, they will start a riot and destroy everything. He testified about the inhumane prison regime, the lack of sport facilities, few contacts with co-prisoners, bad food and a few visits. The Belgian prisoners are deprived of lessons and follow up that they got in Belgium. A section of the prison, the recreation room, has been recently destroyed and a prisoner set fire to his cell and to himself. The Belgian State decided the rules, the Dutch direction manages the guards. None of the direction members want to react at the problems in the prison. Belgian justice also keeps silent because of the 'sensible file' at this subject.


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