dimanche 14 décembre 2008

Bruxelles - Banque attaquée avec essence et gaz

"On the 11th of December, we chose to put fire to a bank of ING in Auderghem, Brussels, with an incendiary device made of a few litres of gasoline and two gas canisters as a sign of solidarity with the revolt in Greece and everywhere.

"To affirm this, we should not express our pain by mourning or forgiving. No. Today, it's not the time for mourning or forgiving. Today, we should not loose time by letting ourselves be healed by crying Marias or by forgiving Christs. No. Today, the hour is only ours. It's the hour to make bounds which cannot be broken within the most strong column of the responsability of the moment." (Severino di Giovanni, in an article written after the execution of Sacco and Vanzetti)"


Traduction vite faite:
"Le 11 décembre, nous avons choisi de bouter le feu à une banque d'ING à Auderghem, Bruxelles, avec un engin incendiaire composé de quelques litres d'essence et deux bonbonnes de gaz, comme signe de solidarité avec la révolte en Grèce et ailleurs."

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