dimanche 26 juillet 2009

Rocourt - Strange things...

ROCOURT - Around 9 'o clock, a guard saw a pile of ten tires, bounded together by an orange rope next to a big road at the entrance of the parking of a commercial centre. The guard discovered a gas canister which was used to pour out gasoline. There was also a big banner saying "Fire to the prisons."

"A year ago, a campaign was made around the same topic, but it was only posters and we never founded out where it came from. Is this from the same mouvement?" asks Véronique Melot, royal prosecutor who came on the spot.

On the pile of tires, a strange object was put. The guard saw it and called the police. They thought there might be a detonator and explosives. They called the anti-explosive squad while a large perimeter was evacuated. Also, all the gas was cut in the neighboorhoud.

"The squad used a robot to explode the package. Finally, it turned out to be a simple flare, used on see when boats are in problems."

On the spot, the firemen, the anti-explosive squad, the detectives, the police, the scientific laboratory and the Prosecutor: around 50 persons stayed there till the afternoon.

Several shops of the commercial centre were evacuated. Nothing is known from the perpetrators.

Translated from the press.

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