mercredi 25 novembre 2009

Brussels - Riots against police torture in prison; police station burned

BRUSSELS – Riots broke out in the neighbourhoods of Anderlecht and Forest in response to the police violence against prisoners in Forest, which was made public at the beginning of the week. A group of around hundred people gathered around 7 ‘o clock and attacked a police patrol. Later on, they moved towards the police station of Anderlecht. On the way, they broke windows and set alight at least one car. Arriving at the police station, Molotov cocktails were hurled inside the police station and the building of the Municipality of Anderlecht. The police station is completely destroyed by the flames, while a part of the building of the Municipality is damaged. In Forest, at the same time, windows and cars were smashed by small groups. A total of 3 cops were wounded.

The police arrested later that night around 50 people, all were released a few days later.

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