mercredi 9 décembre 2009

"This was an organised attack against the police"

GHENT – Police is complaining after the critiques made of the arrest of 413 people after the latest antifascist demonstration in Ghent. Police says people are forgetting about the well organised, premeditated attack against five undercover police officers during the manifestation by anarchists. One cop has lost a part of his visual capacities after being hit by a brick in his face from a masked anarchist. This same cop appears to be the one who fought with the anarchist Jürgen during his arrest. Jürgen was arrested after a series of arsons in the night of 6th of Octobre and now released out of jail. Another cop has several months of labour incapacity after being thrown to the ground and beaten with sticks. Police says they cannot arrest perpetrators because all anarchists were masked and not recognisable on the images taken by the police helicopter that night.


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