mardi 19 janvier 2010

Andenne - Alexandre Varga suicided in the prison of Andenne after failed escape

ANDENNE - Friday night, Alexandre Varga pulled out a knife and took hostage a guard. He forced the other guards to open alle doors of the prison. When Varga came out of the prison, the guard taken hostage was able to run away thanks to the other guards who were following Varga. Varga started to run, but was caught very fast.

A day later, after that the guards placed Varga in the isolation unit and after that the guards declared to make a strike of 48h against the "violence of the prisoners", Varga was suicided in prison. He would have hung himself. Every death in prison is a murder of the State.

Alexandre Varga was condemned to 18 years for several robberies, one on a supermarket and some others against money transports. In 2008 he appeared in front of court with an orange shirt with "GUANTANA-MONS" to denounce the mistreatements of psychiatrical prisoners by guards in the prison of Mons.


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