lundi 29 mars 2010

Brussels - Autoreduction at Carrefour

This Thursday morning, around 11h, the quiet of the supermarket Carrefour in Schaarbeek was disturbed for some time.
Tens of persons decided to get out with their bags filled without bothering by the kassa.
While leaving, they left some chocolate money and a pamphlet:

Crisis or no crisis, we are always more to do our shopping with big pockets or small bags. It's a daily gesture, we accept to pay the pasta but the chocolate, they can forget about it. First of all because we don't have the money, secondly because we do not want to chose between a luxury deception and a discount deception and feed our frustration more than our stomacs.
But today we serve ourselves openly, in group, to spread the good news: the workers of Carrefour chose the spontanous strike as a first response.
Because maybe if sometimes, around the corner of a rayon, worker and thief are adversary, both are abused by Carrefour, be it by a paying ticket or a working contract. And to everybody his ways to hurt mister Carrefour, by hitting directly his wallet.
Now while the syndicates are negociating, taking control of the response, a question imposes itself.
Is it his cassa or rayon we are defending, or the possibility to not pass anymore days and years being there to make money to survive?
Be it in interim or throwable labour, or life-time contracts, what is there to defend for those who receive only the crumbs?
In the best case, a nice amount of money to live some months without the hands bound by work.
So let's not wait anymore. Open up the Carrefours and after, why not all the others?
May everybody take according to his needs.
It's for us no longer enough to inflict damage to the bosses; we have so much to win.
In the first place, freedom.

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