vendredi 2 avril 2010

Brussels - Troubles in Anderlecht

ANDERLECHT - Around 23h30, local police and reinforcements from the Federal Police came to place Lemmens after an anonymous phonecall saying youngsters were destroying the electric boxes of the street lights. When police arrived, the youngters, masked, ran in all directions. Six were arrested, four administratively and two of 19 years old were put at disposal of the Justice, accused of "tentative d'attentat".

A bit later, a person from the neighbourhood called the police to denounce youngsters making molotov cocktails. Still at the same place, police found two bidons of gasoline, a plastic bag full of glass bottles filled with gasoline and a balaclava. Near, hidden behind a building, police discovered 25 car tires.

Later, at 1 in the night, another patrol realised the roads around Lemmens were slipping, oil was poured out. Searching near, they found bidons of gasoline, stones, bidons of oil and wooden bats.

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