lundi 6 septembre 2010

Molenbeek - Trap against police with stones and molotovs

MOLENBEEK - Around 23h, police was called on a spot in Molenbeek for a 'theft with violence'. Once arrived, the police patrol bumped into a fence which was put on the road. They sensed something was wrong and then stones, sticks and molotov cocktails started to rain on their car and another police patrol car. Police said they have catched one person, 19 years old, who would have participated in the trap. The person had already been arrested earlier that day for rebellion against the police. He will now face charges for assault, armed gathering and criminal association.


BRUSSELS - Compared to last year, more policemen have been attacked during controls. Police speaks about a "total lack of respect for the uniform" with 77 policemen of the central zone of Brussels which have been wounded during confrontations. The other police zones of Brussels didn't communicate any numbers. Police are speaking about people not accepting anymore to get an identity control (they try to run away or attack the cops straigt away) and more rebellions during arrests on the spot of a crime.


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