mercredi 12 janvier 2011

Vehicles on fire

BRUSSELS - In Saint-Gilles, two cars were put on fire. One was a Citroen Berlingo, police said. Both vehicles were completely destroyed. (10.01.2011)

JUMET – Two cars parked at the inner court of a technical atheneum were put on fire. The vandals also destroyed class rooms and windows of the atheneum. It was not the first time this atheneum was visited by vandals. (9.01.2011)

LEDE – As well on Thursday night as on Friday night, cars were put on fire next to the Federal Police Casern, just around midnight. (8.01.2011)

LUTTRE – Railroad police is warning that the train station of Luttre is becoming a playground for vandals, who broke in, destroyed the windows of the station, destroyed railroad infrastructure and recently put fire to two cars parked on the parking lot of the station. (5.01.2011)

MOUSCRON – Yet another car was put on fire during the night; car fires are becoming a real plague in the city of Mouscron these last days and weeks. (3.01.2011)

LIER – During the night, a small truck caught fire and burned completely. Police is investigating for arson. (3.01.2011)

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