mercredi 20 avril 2011

Charleroi - Tension withering but arsons continue

CHARLEROI - In Gilly, police says tensions are slowly withering away in this part of Charleroi after several days and nights of riots, confrontations with the cops but foremost small groups of people burning cars on several places and smashing windows of shops and administrative buildings. Police is still massively present. The nights before, only one car was put on fire while the next night, a construction container on a construction site was put on fire, although police suspects that this arson didn't have nothing to do with the tensions. (sic!).

Before this, another person died in Charleroi after an intervention of the police (he had an heart attack during the arrest). Later on that day, molotov cocktails were thrown to a shop and some cars were put on fire. The next day, early in the night, a bus of the public transport was stopped in Gilly and had its windows smashed out by masked youngsters.


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