lundi 13 juin 2011

Namur – Prisoner escapes from hospital

A prisoner who was detained in the prison of Andenne escaped from a hospital in Namur where he passed medical exams. While one prison guards was smoking a cigarette outside, the 22-year old guy faked stomach ache to be released from handcuffs and pretended to go to the toilet. It happened all extremely fast. He ran out, stole a car which was found back later in Brussels. He had been condemned to 7 years of prison sentence for 12 armed hold-ups. He had amongst others stolen 100.000 euros worth of meal-vouchers from a Sodexo-employee. The prisoner already tried to escape from the justice palace of Namur. Police reinforced border controls and media and justice cry for better protection of medical transfers. However “when a prisoner wants to escape, he will find means to do it” says a prison guard.

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