jeudi 22 décembre 2011

Brussels - Already more than a week of demos and riots in Matonge-area

BRUSSELS – Since more then a week now, wild demonstrations and riots are continuously going in and around the area of Matonge in Brussels. The pretext of these troubles are the elections in Congo. The common denominator of the demonstrators and rioters seems to be their refusal of Kabila. Media only speaks about “partisans of Thsisekedi”, a leading opposition figure in Congo, but there’s no doubt about that this is a flagrant reduction of what is going on.

During the last demo, on Saturday 17th December, tens and tens of windows of shops, banks, stores and institutions were smashed. Some shops were looted, as well as a jewellery shop. Garbage was put on fire, as well as some cars. At least 16 cops got wounded. The mayor declared an interdiction to come together for the coming weeks. The whole area is since a few days under very high police surveillance: it resembles a militarized zone, hundreds of people have been arrested and tens have been beaten (on the streets and in the police stations). But protests continue.

An last but not least: a week ago, several police cars parked in front of a police station near Matonge have been burned with Molotov cocktails.


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