mardi 10 avril 2012

Brussels - Death of 'supervisor' of STIB; massive repressive measures

BRUSSELS - During an intervention about an accident between a bus of the public transport company STIB and a car, one staff member of the STIB, a 'supervisor' (security personnel of the STIB) was deadly injured during a fight which followed the accident. After the hospital announced that the supervisor died, the author gave himself to the police and confessed.

In the meanwhile, since saturday all public transport is on strike in Brussels. Today, fresh security measures have been adopted: doubling of the capacity of the Federal Police on the network of public transport (from 130 cops to 260); 400 police officers more in Brussels from January 2013 (which part of them will be affected to the surveillance of the public transport) and 50 new security agents of the STIB. Then, the legal powers of the security of the STIB will be extended, even more video-surveillance will be installed shortly and the "portiques" (entrance blocks to the metro, now they still open without you checking out with a chip card if you come from the inside) will be closed of earlier then forseen.


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