mercredi 2 mai 2012

Ittre - Double hostage taking of prison guards

ITTRE - After the walk of 18h30, a prisoner armed with an artisanal knife tried to take a guard hostage, but other guards managed to free their collegue. In the confusion, another prisoner tried to take a second guard hostage, but had to release him. Some sources say there was even still a thirth prisoner who tried. The prisoners who were in the yard, refused to go back to their cells. Aroudn 1 'o clock in the night, the Federal Police intervened to drive the prisoners back to their cells. The syndicates of the guards declared a "minimum service", which means no visits, no walks, no activities, no telephone for the prisoners. Guards are now screaming for more security. This was the thirth hostage taking in the prisons this month. 30/4/2012

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