vendredi 21 septembre 2012

Attacking the elections

SCHOTEN – A swastika was painted on the election billboard of the mayor of the city (Christian-democrat). The fascist party Vlaams Belang also denounced violent acts : fascists militants insulted and aggressed, billboards wrecked and tires of their campaign cars slashed.

HOESELT – Two election billboards of the fascist party were burned.

LANDEN – Electoral billboards covered with red paint.

GERAARDSBERGEN – A wave of vandalism against the electoral billboards of several parties: some billboards were smashed, others covered with paint.

KAPELLEN – Tens of electoral billboards of different parties smashed in one night.

WIELSBEKE – The car of the head of the electoral list of the party CD&V was covered with paint. A week before, two other party members had their cars also targeted by vandals.

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