jeudi 4 octobre 2012

Instead of voting...

Tervuren – 24/09/2012 – Several election signs destroyed. Sometimes even publicity for companies are attacked, “because people see them as publicity for the elections”.
Mont-Sur-Marchienne – 25/09/2012 – Thirty election signs of destroyed – ripped off, sawed up. The liberal and christian party launched a press release and talk of “attack on democracy”.
Tournai – 25/09/2012 – Party trailer and car get tyres slashed.
Ghent – 29/09/2012 – A life-sized election sign from a NVA politician (right wing regionalist) – a local fishmonger – was hanged from a bridge in the centre, near to his house. People stole the sign a week earlier there and adorned it with swastikas, signed “Walloons of Ghent”. The fishmonger used the sign for personal publicity, he handed out flyers next to the sign all day long.
Vezon – 01/10/2012 – Signs broken, parti car gets tyres slashed, stolen number plate. Moral course from the press: “Note that this is the the first incident of this kind in the region. Let us hope that reason will win over passion in these electoral period. These kinds of acts will not help society to evolve.”
And all the others...

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