samedi 8 août 2009

Brussels - People without papers resist expulsion

BRUSSELS - 472 people without legal documents were evacuated in the early morning from a squatted building by an enormous police force. About 80 persons gathered on the roof and threw stones and bottles to the cops. Finally, two helicopters with special intervention units of the Federal Police landed on the roof. Tens of people were arrested for a few hours and then released.
The firemen collaborated with the police who ordered them to make the building 'inhabitable' by smashing out all the windows, which they did.

A collective of sans-papiers is speaking about a hunt on people without papers to finish of the resistance after the ministers signed a partial regularisation for "integrated migrants". They say they are beaten down in the streets, chased from squats and buildings by zealous police and 7 of their group have been hospitalised after beatings and mistreatements by the cops.


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