vendredi 28 août 2009

BRUSSELS - Riots in Molenbeek

BRUSSELS – Around 22h in the night, a cop patrol was attacked with stones, breaking the windows of their car. A bit later, tires were put on the middle of the road and put on fire. The firemen who came were attacked with stones by masked youngsters, armed with bats and stones. Cops arrived with reinforcements and were with more than 60 on the spot. An angry crowd of around 100 masked people was formed who attacked the cops and put fire to several cars. Only around 2 ‘o clock in the night, cops started to attack the crowd. They needed three attacks to make the crowd spread to all the streets. Four police cars were damaged. The firemen refused to come to put out the fire and the cops had to use their water cannons.

In the same night, cops were also attacked with stones and Molotov in Anderlecht, although the official press releases now seem to deny this.


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