mardi 4 mai 2010

Brussels - Attacks against Unemployment Services

BRUSSELS – During the weekend, three offices of Actiris, the Brussels agency for work, have been attacked : slogans against work painted on the buildings and windows broken. The last period, also two other agencies have been attacked. In one case, all windows were smashed forcing the office to close for some time. The tags painted were “Long live the work of the night!” and “Never work!”. Posters were also pasted saying : « Work is what the unemployed try to avoid by all means imaginable. Let’s refuse this blackmail! Let’s steal, let’s fraud, let’s sabotage. Blow up the economy and change the world. So that we, through our resistance, can discover again what breathing means. Let’s destroy work.”

The press is pointing towards anarchists for these attacks. The Brussels minister of Work “condemns these attacks most vigorously” and is asking for more police protection of the buildings.


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