samedi 9 octobre 2010

Lantin - Big riots in the prison

LANTIN – About 150 prisoners of the prison of Lantin rose up after that the direction cancelled the visits. At 17h, they refused to go back to their cells. The prisoners still inside the blocks, started to break down whatever they could, destroyed windows, hallways and turning concrete into projectiles. The police intervened with about 100 men to get the prisoners back to their cells. The prisoners opposed themselves and finally 5 prisoners got injured. Only around 1h in the night, prisoners were back in their cell. The costs of the uprising are, according the police commander and the prison directon Françis DEJON, outrageous.
In the media, the message was spread that the uprising was “pacific”, which was definitely not the case. We recall also that the isolation unit, newly constructed in Lantin almost two years ago and destroyed during a riot half a year ago, is still out of use. Also this riot was silenced by the media.

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