dimanche 14 novembre 2010

Brussels - Wild demo against prisons

Friday 12 november - Around 18h, with a drashing rain, about 50 persons started a wild demonstration against the new detention centre for immigrants in Steenokkerzeel and against all prisons. The demo started in Anderlecht. The demonstrators distributed pamhplets, launched fire works and smoke bombs, shouting slogans against the detention centres, the State, in solidarity with the revolts in the prisons etc., which was welcomed with enthousiasm by a lot of people passing by and living in the neighbourhood. Police patrols who tried to approach the demo were received, as it should be, with paint bombs, flour and stones. The windows of a car belonging to Carlson Wagonlit (with collaborates with deportations) and some windows of a building of the SNCB (national railroad company participating to raids against people without papers) were smashed. A smoke bomb was thrown under a car of the national television passing their by 'luck'. The demo passed the South Station and entered in the neighbourhood of Saint-Gilles. At this point, more and more police patrols tried to close of the demo. Fences and construction material was put on the road to hinder them. Once in Saint-Gilles, the demostrators dispersed. Police couldn't arrest nobody.

Pamhplets distributed on the demo can be found back at


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