jeudi 17 février 2011

Charleroi - Strikers pickets block considerable part of economy

CHARLEROI - Strikers' pickets in front of lots of important companies in Charleroi: La Sonaca, Caterpillar, Nexans, Alstom, Thalès Alenia Space Etca, Industeel, Aperam, AGC are being blocked.

Most of the drivers of the public transport TEC Charleroi were on strike. A part of the workers at the airport of Charleroi striked, but the direction managed to keep the airport open.

Several big supermarkets like Colruyt got their gates closed by striking pickets.

All the construction sites and concrete producing facilities are on strike.

Finally, also a whole series of gouvernemental institutions are being blocked by striking pickets.

The syndicates are calling for a day of action every friday against the new "Interprofessional Agreement" which is limiting the wages for the next two years and foresees several cuts on social benefits for workers and employees alike.


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