dimanche 1 mai 2011

Hofstade – Brussels youngsters ravage recreation terrain

While thousands of visitors enjoy the warm weather, a few hundreds youngsters, a big part from Brussels, fight the police. Saturday, local residents and shop owners were bothered, Monday hell broke loose. First they started fighting each other – as a lure, frequently used, or not – and when the police arrived, they turned against them, throwing stones and bottles. 200 to 300 youngsters surrounded the police, which eventually retreated. They called federal police, railway police and all the surrounding forced, but were only able to arrest one person, whereas two cops got hurt. Police escorted youngsters back to Brussels and Vilvorde, with buses from De Lijn. They stayed present during several days, doing controls on the buses after the smallest incidents. One window got smashed. On police demand, the recreation terrain Bloso will install fences, cameras and an entrance fee in the future.



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