mercredi 4 mai 2011

Mons - Vandalism against “Motocross du Doudou”

Broken windows, damaged cars and vehicules that were pushed in the moat. The “Motocross du Doudou” in the Bois Brûlé (Mons) didn't happen as planned. The cars of spectators that were parked outside the premisses were during the afternoon and evening a target. According to the organiser, Royal Mons Auto Moto Club, every year there are problems but these time it really went to far. "This is only for the fun of destruction." They point towards the neighbors, a camp site for travelling groups. Despite the effort to bribe them with entry tickets, some of the neighbors amused themselves while driving around on their quads on the motorcross tracks. When the police arrive, they are welcomed with stones. The organisers are threatened. For the time being they are not organising other events.


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