mardi 12 juin 2012

Bruges - Riots in the prison and attempt to escape in Tournai

BRUGES – In the afternoon, about 30 prisoners refused to return to their cells after the walk. They started to destroy windows and fences and lit a small fire. The prison guards called in reinforcements from the police and the special intervention unit of the Federal Police. Prisoners resisted and fights erupted when police entered the prison. Around 22h in the evening, calm was restored.

The prisoners had several clear demands like more sport activities, more television channels (euh) and less waiting time for the visitors.


TOURNAI - A week ago, a prisoner pretended having a bomb, took a guard hostage. Police eventually managed to arrest him once outside of the prison. The guards went on strike for one day, the prisoner, who already escaped once, was transferred to the isolation module in Bruges.

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