mardi 26 juin 2012

Brussels - Minister of Interior targeted

BRUSSELS - During the night of Friday on Saturday, the car of Joelle Milquet, Federal Minister of Interior, was stolen in Brussels. The robbers broke into her house, stole her keys and took her car, a VW Touareg V6 Bluemotion, equipped with blue beacons.
Next day, the car was found back in front of the party headquarters of Milquet's political party CDH in Brussels.
Coincidence or intended act?


Other radical groups

The project of a law repressing extremist groups, promoted by the Minister of Interior Milquet, is not only targeting islamist groups.

Anarchist terrorism
Belgian intelligence services look further than islamist groups. They have problems with right-wing groups like Blood & Honor, but also with at least two anarchist websites which active "small attacks" - limited but often -  against the Belgian State and its presupposed economical partners.

Targets? All companies who provide services to the prison administration and the detention centres for illegal persons. Dexia, Bpost, Besix, Sodexo have been targeted. Last violence dates from 9 june in Leopoldsburg, where three vehicles of Bpost have been burned. One of the anarchist sites specifies that Bpost managed the bank accounts of the "prisons and closed centers."

In October 2009, this same radical movement destroyed the offices of Besix in Saint-Denis-Westrem (Ghent) because this company constructed then the new detention center in Steenokkerzeel. Attacks against baillifs, attack against the metro station of Horta in Brussels and the explosion of a grenade in front of the city counsel in Brussels are to be attributed to the anarchist movement. 

but amidst intelligence services, there's no unamity to forbid these groups.


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