vendredi 2 novembre 2012

Andenne - Tensions rising in the prison

ANDENNE - Begining of October, two of the three directors of the prison have been fired or transferred. For the moment, there's only one. The new director who will come in a few weeks, claims to have made agreements with the syndicates of the guards to reinforce security and change the detention regime, for exemple by reorganising the sections according to the "dangerosity" of the prisoner.
For the rest, nothing has been changing after the uprising in Andenne a half year ago. All prisoners remain locked in their cells 23h on 24. No activities, no lessons, no nothing. At the entrance to the courtyard, everytime prisoners are greeted by about 20 guards (to avoid hostage takings).

This last weeks, several guards have been attacked and beaten. Also some blockades of the court yard took place to denounce the regime and the detenion conditions. Tensions are rising. The news of a suicide in the nearby prison of Huy also reached Andenne: a young guy was brought in prison (it was his first time), put in the isolation regime. He protested. Late in the night, he was found back dead. Accordingly, he would have hung himself. Every suicide in prison is a killing by the State.


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