mercredi 7 novembre 2012

Brussels - Incidents on public transport network

BRUSSELS Several incidents took place on the public transport network. A bus driver in Molenbeek urged two youngster to validate their tickets, which they refused. The driver refused to continue and then the youngsters smashed the glass protecting the driver and beated him. A passenger which tried to intervene and defend the driver, was also beaten. The youngsters got away. A few days before, youngsters in Anderlecht shot at a passing bus with a airsoft gun, breaking the windows. And also during that week in Anderlecht, another bus driver was attacked for the same reasons as in Molenbeek.

Spokesperson Smekens of the transport network declares: The authors of aggressions are not always youngsters. Today, everybody seems to think to have the right to get angry and insult. It is a rather social problem, and it is only a question if more police will be able to solve it.


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