jeudi 20 octobre 2011

Belgium - An incomplete overview of some burning vehicles

HERVE - A van was put on fire early in the night and completely destroyed (12/10/2011)

BRAIN-L'ALLEUD - A van was destroyed by an arson late in the night (12/10/2011)

NIVELLES - During the night, on different spots in the city, fire cars were set alight. (12/10/2011)

GHENT - An Audi was put on fire. The arsonists broke the window, pourred inflammable liquid inside and set the car alight. The Audi was completely destroyed. (18/10/2011)

MONS - In Saint-Ghislain and Hornu, several cars were put on fire during the night. Also some piles of paper garbage went up in flames. Polices says two youngsters were arrested. (19/10/2011)

CHARLEROI - Several cars burned during the night, mainly in the periphery of the city, but also one in the middle of the city center. Press says this has been a constant since several weeks, with cars being set alight every night. (17/10/2011)

HORNU - Several cars and vans were put alight during the night. (19/10/2011)

CHARLEROI - In Mottignies, fire was put to garage boxes and cars, destroying them. (19/10/2011)

BRAINE-L'ALLEUD - Yet another van was put on fire during the night and completely destroyed (19/10/2011)

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