jeudi 20 octobre 2011

Belgium - Some anti-school rage

JAMBES - Arson early in the morning to the "Internate" School (where pupils have to stay during the week). The fire destroyed at least 20 rooms of pupils, damaging the rest of the building. Since the fire was put early in the morning, nobody was yet in the building. The school board is now looking for alternative solutions to keep the school going. (11/10/2011)

MARCHES - Unknown persons put fire the the garbage containers of a high school. The fire spread and destroyed a big part of the high school. There will be no lessons anymore in the coming time. (16/10/2011)

HUY - Yet again fire was put to garbage containers of a high school. The structure of the school building was damaged, but the school building seemed to have survived the rage of the arsonists. The school board speaks about copy cat of what happened the day before in Marches (17/10/2011)

LIEGE - Youngsters stole the car of their teacher and drove it into the river. They were caught while the car was sinking to the bottom. (17/10/2011)

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