lundi 26 septembre 2011

Brussels - Spontaneous strike paralyses city trafic

BRUSSELS - Traffic in the inner city and the European Area was paralysed by a spontaneous surprise strike of the city cleaners and garbage company. They were protesting against possible changes in their statute, making them lose a part of their wages and several social benefits (health insurance, for exemple). Early in the morning, the several hundreds of strikers used the garbage trucks to mount tens of small barricades of garbage on the most important roads into Brussels and towards the European Area. When police approched, they put fire to the garbage. Traffic was completely paralysed for over 6 hours. The Ministry of Brussels received a delegation of the strikers, but was at the same time attacked with stones and paint bombs.

The strike continued in several parts of the company the next day. The minister now made some promises and the strike was stopped.


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