vendredi 30 septembre 2011

Schaerbeek - Fake pamphlet of city council

SCHAERBEEK - Big polemic about a pamhlet which is circulating since a week in the neighboorhood of Schaerbeek (Brussels). The pamphlet bears the signatures of the City Council, but critizes (by applauding), the repressive measures recently taken by the city council, like the expulsion of homeless persons and immigrants from the train station, or the plans to place 120 surveillance cameras. The pamphlet also speaks of the construction of a new big prison next to Schaerbeek.

Lots of persons called to the city administration to protest, and some to applaud. On the 24th, the city organized the "Party of the Mayor". On that evening, the pamphlet was a big conversation topic.

Police suspects extreme-left groups or individuals to be behind the initiative.

The City Council is infuriated and swears to make the authors pay, "and it will be more than one euro." The City Council (rightwing and ecologist parties) filed a complaint against X.

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