mercredi 21 septembre 2011

Public transport attacked

Anderlecht – STIB bus attacked with BB-gun

Wednesday around 6 AM, a bus got shot at with a BB-gun with lead, near to the Shopping Center. One window was smashed, no wounded. The bus line was limited for half an hour, police and STIB guards secured the area. The bus driver gets psychological aid. The day before, in Molenbeek, a passenger who was called by the driver to show his ticket, got a few slaps in the face. A police patrol who passed by arrested him. The driver got hurt at his lip.
The public transport companies De Lijn and STIB ask for more repressive measures. De Lijn speaks of 17 cases of aggression in Brussels during one week.


Diepenbeek – Ticket inspectors De Lijn attacked with electric gun

Monday night, two ticket inspectors were wounded with a electric gun. A young man was arrested, recognised by the transport companies' video surveillance cameras.
One guy didn't have a ticket and got involved in a verbal fight with inspectors. A friend of the guy wounded them. He was placed in a closed center.


Rhode-Saint-Genèse – Persistent vandalism in rail way station

A month ago, two digital screens were destroyed. A day after the reparation, they were again vandalised. This time, they won't be replaced, in fear of more vandalism. Other screens were removed, after several acts of destruction. “We should in fact install cameras to survey everything, but they would probably also be destroyed, and that costs money. We had several acts of arson. The entrance door of my bureau was set on fire. There's also a lot of graffiti. Every time I take it away, they appear again. I wander why I still make an effort. The windows also get smashed once in a while, they're not yet replaced.” says the rail way manager.

[The public transport company SNCB does, besides ticket controls (fines, bailiffs,...), identity controls. Their personnel give away people to the police to lock them up in closed centers right away.]

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