vendredi 16 octobre 2009

GHENT - Several arsons against ATM's, cars and a construction site

GHENT - A man, 35 years old, coming from Ghent, has been arrested. Police suspects him of seven arsons in the night of Tuesday to Wednesday.

Around 23h, a garbage container and a pile of wooden pallets were put on fire on a huge construction site, belonging to the Artevelde High School. Police said they found back traces of firelighters all over the place.

A bit later, a firelighter was placed on the tire of a car. A witness put out the fire.

Then, a firelighter was placed on a ATM of the Bank of the Post. The ATM was damaged.

At 23h30, another firelighter was placed next to a vehicle. Firefighters put out the fire.

Around 2h30, a garbage container was burned. Police found back traces of another kind of inflammable material.

Still after, fire was put to a ATM of the Fortis / BNP Paribas Bank, damaging the ATM.

A suspect was arrested at 3h30 in the morning. He refuses all cooperation with the investigators.

[Till now, there is no more information about the arrested person]

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