jeudi 8 octobre 2009

Steenokkerzeel - Report from the gathering at 127bis and the construction site of the new closed centre

On september the 27th a gathering took place at the closed centre 127bis and the construction site of the new closed centre in Steenokkerzeel, right next to the runway of the airport.
There were around fifty people present. People inside the centre were screaming and banging against the windows and the bars in front. There was also a banner saying: 'Aganist all prisons. Long live the revolt'. At a certain moment people decided to go through the fields towards the construction site of the new centre. The police let it happen and didn't enter the construction site.On the other side around thirty people managed to bring down the fence and enter the construction site. Then a couple of paintbombs were thrown at some of the digging machines and sand was put in the dieseltanks. The cops arrived running but the protesters pulled back in time. Back at the 127bis the atmosphere intensified, especially from inside the centre. Some prisoners tried to break the windows.

A bit later the manifestation ended. Nobody was controlled.

There's no doubt about the fact that it's nice to also dammage the construction site. Although the companies like BESIX, VALENS, Waterman TCA, SECO, Bontink Architecture,... which build the centre can be touched at many places en especially there where they don't expect it. The construction site of the new centre is one spot, one outlined piece, while the little wheels of the deportation machine are to be found everywhere.

Sabotage the deportation machine everywhere!
Against all prisons, against all borders!

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