vendredi 16 octobre 2009

Sint-Denijs-Westrem - Brutal visit at Besix

SINT-DENIJS-WESTREM - Around twenty masked persons invaded yesterday morning the offices of the construction company BESIX. In a few minutes time, they destroyed the offices and put slogans on the wall.

At the moment of the attack, 8 people of BESIX were in the building. BESIX is constructing a new closed centre for immigrants in Steenokkerzeel, next to the existing closed centre "127 bis."

The invaders destroyed the entrance room, a conference room and a few offices and left in black the text: "NO BORDERS" and "127 tris NEVER". When the masked people invaded the offices, they said to the receptionist that if she would stay calm, nothing would happen to her. The invaders also threw bottles with a bad smelling substance on the floor. In the offices itself and the two conference rooms next to the entrance room, they destroyed computers, flatscreens, paintings,... Everywhere was broken glass and paint.

One of the invaders yelled: "This is what you get when you build prisons."

BESIX know understands the link: last week, fire was put to a construction site of BESIX in Ghent. They perpetrators left similar messages there.

Police has no traces leading to suspects. They stated however this was the work of anarchists.


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