vendredi 16 octobre 2009

Gent - Several fascist leaders beaten up

GENT - The fascist student circles NSV and KVHV organised a debate at the High School of Ghent. Around 23u in the night, the passing car of the ex-president of the NSV was attacked by several masked people. A bit later, a group of masked people entered a shop were two leaders of the KVHV, Bob De Brabander and Michel-Eric De Buysscher, were buying something, beating them up with iron bars and glass bottles. Two hours later, a group of masked people beated with chains and bottles a leader of the NSV, Arno D'Hooge, while he was waiting at a snackbar.

The same night, paint was thrown against the offices of the fascist party Vlaams Belang in Gent.

Police says they are sure the attacks were perpetrated by anarchists.


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