vendredi 18 novembre 2011

Andenne - Destructive uprising in the prison

ANDENNE – “It has been longtime that we saw a mutiny of this size”, says spokesperson of the Belgian Prisons Laurent Sempot.

The riots in the prison of Andenne starter around 9 ‘o clock in the evening. More than 200 prisoners, which is about half of the total prison population, refused to get back into the cells after the ending of the “free” activities. They started to destroy everything, guards being unable to stop them: radiators, doors, cells, windows, electrical circuits, computers, chairs, cameras, heating systems were smashed and destroyed. They also put fire to the offices of the guards and the direction, not forgetting to sabotage and cut on beforehand the water hoses. The water flowing out of these, also provoked big damage to the structure and stability of the prison. Out of the 12 sections, 7 have been completely ravaged and destroyed. The rioters even managed to make a hole through the concrete ceiling.

The Federal Police and the Special Units intervened to restore order. Only around 2 ‘o clock in the night, calm came back to the prison. The direction ordered a general lock down, no prisoner is entitled to take showers, receive visits, go for the walk etc.

Sempot, the spokesperson of the Prison Board, added that “frequently, there are small riots in the prisons, but it has been longtime that we saw a mutiny of this size”.

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