mardi 1 novembre 2011

Arlon - And then there was a black out...

ARLON - Around 15h30, a part of the city of Arlon as well as the villages Autelbas, Heinsch, Hachy, Chantemelle, Wolkrange, Hondelange and Vance were confronted with a black out of electricity.

The black out was provoked by a fire in a building with offices and a high tension electricity cabin, in the avenue Patton, Arlon.

The firemen could obviously not use water to put out the fire, since the presence of high tension electric circuits.

Three hours later, the electricity could be restored. The black out touched the hospital, the trafic lights, the big supermarkets and the big furniture shop Ikea in Sterpenich. For the hospital, an emergency electricity group was put in place.


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