lundi 14 novembre 2011

Liège - Riots after killing of robber

LIEGE - A week ago, the 18 years old Jordy Kasavubu was killed by a jeweller during an attempted robbery. Jordy and an accomplice were waiting for the jeweller to come home. The jeweller remarked their presence in front of the gate of his villa, pulled out a gun and shot five times in the direction of the fleeing robbers. Jordy was killed on the spot, the other got a bullet through his hand and was arrested later on. After a short investigation, the killing of Jordy was labelled as an act of legitimate self-defence.

A week later, on Friday, it was Jordy's funeral. The mayor of the city launched a decree prohibiting all manifestations, but anyway about 300 persons showed up. After the funeral, they went into a march in the direction of the city centre. They met a strong police force and started to throw stones. The police broke quite quickly the demo, chasing the demostrators in all directions. Small groups of rioters smashed cars and shop windows.

Next day, on Saturday, riots started around 18h in the city centre of Liège. Rioters rushed in small groups through the streets of the city centre, smashing shop windows, restaurants, a shopping galary, a fastfood restaurant, tens of cars and the City Hall. Several molotov cocktails were thrown: one against a bus of the public transport, two against cars which were torched and one against the "Maison du Péket" (the Péket, an alcoholic liquor, is one of the symbols of the city of Liège). Garbage was also put on fire, namely on a gas station. Police was a bit surprised, and put out the big means to stop the spreading of the rioters: everybody who seemed young was controlled. About 30 people were arrested, 2 of them are still being held (one in a juvenile centre, one in the prison of Lantin) and will be charged for several felonies.



ANTWERP - Youngsters put a vehicle on fire, which was completely destroyed.

GHLIN - In about an hour time, four vehicles have been put on fire early in the morning. (13/11/2011)

MONS - Around 20h, a garbage container was pushed in front of the ventilation system of a school building and put on fire. The fire spread to the technical rooms and caused serious damage to the technical infrastructure of the school, primarily the heating installation. (14/11/2011)

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