lundi 14 novembre 2011

Turnhout - Troubles in prison

TURNHOUT - After the guard refused a visit to a prisoner, tens of prisoners refused to reintegrate their cells after the walk as a an act of solidarity. They climbed up on the roof and stayed there for several hours. The police intervened massively, but says they didn't use violence to force the prisoners back into their cells. The prisoner who saw his visit refused, was put in isolation.



MERKSPLAS - Prisoners asked a guard to come closer to their cell. When the guard opened the cell door, the prisoners pulled him inside and gave him a serious beating. It has been for several months that the situation in the prison of Merksplas is escalating: from threats, insults to violence and riots against the guards and the prison, not forgetting that last month, four prisoners managed to escape (at different occassions).


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