vendredi 10 août 2012

Brussels - Two "traps" against police patrols

BRUSSELS – Hard weekend in Anderlecht. Two “traps” against police.
Primo, around 2 ‘o clock in the night, police was called for a burglary, but when a patrol arrived, nothing seemed happening. Then, two individuals approached the cops and started to insult them. When they wanted to control them, a group of people started to hurl stones at them. One cop was injured and lost consciousness, the cop car was damaged.
Secundo, police was called to signal a burning vehicle on the tram ways, at exactly 00h30. When the cops arrive, they are welcomed with stones. They call for reinforcements, and when the other patrols arrive, Molotov cocktails are thrown to their vehicles. Nobody was arrested, three cop cars damaged and after a thorough search in the neighbourhood, 22 prefabricated Molotov cocktails were found in the bushes. 

The liberal syndicate of the Police is calling for a strike to protest against the violence against police and the government is thinking of specific measures, like the creation of a special task force of police trained to intervene against this kind of attacks.


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